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About company

We, the Buts8 team, have been embodying our ideas and fantasies for you since 2016. During this short time, we have gained precious experience from each client in particular and from the fashion industry as a whole. Embodying the necessary changes and transformations in the development process, we still manage to maintain the main ideas that formed the basis of the Buts8 women's clothing brand:

Original design

Despite the clear seasonality and the example set by established fashion houses, Buts8 clothing is not produced in explicit collections long ahead of the season. Most of our collections are produced in limited quantities, but in a weekly drop schedule - thus we almost completely exclude the possibility that two identical items can be found in the same city.

Desire to experiment

Present day fashion is no longer dictated by global brands. In our opinion, this is due to the constantly increasing number of emerging changes in our daily life. Therefore, we only look out of the corner of our eyes at global trends, focusing on our own ideas.

Individual approach

This idea has the simplest and most logical explanation, which warms our souls and fills us with energy and desire to create: joyful and satisfied responses from our dear clients are, without exaggeration, the blood in the veins of the Buts8 brand. Therefore, we always strive to take into account the wishes and requests of our clients to continue to grow and delight you.