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Buts8 is an actively developing company with specific goals and objectives, with a registered trademark on the territory of the Russian Federation. As a brand, we can offer:

  • Uninterrupted supplies to wholesale buyers on mutually beneficial terms. Cooperation with multi-brand boutiques of women's clothing is a priority direction of Buts8's development in the B2b segment. The terms of the proposed cooperation are formed during negotiations and are individual for each partner.

  • Franchise of the Buts8 trademark. If you are interested in a ready-made offer, then we will form it for you within a week based on parameters, which we will communicate to you upon receipt of an application to our mail: or contact us by phone: +7 (996) 428-10-08.

  • Fashion collaborations. We will be happy to become partners and participants in shows, conferences, master classes and other events dedicated to fashion that correspond to the vision of the Buts8 brand.

In some cases, we are ready to consider investments in our project. For all questions and suggestions regarding cooperation, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone number +7 (996) 428-10-08.